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vasVasectomy is a permanent form of contraception. It is a minor operation and can be done under a Local Anaesthetic, avoiding the need to go into hospital. Grange Medical Centre is one of the few providers of vasectomy under local anaesthetic.

After having a consultation with Dr Hilton to make sure you are suitable for the operation you can book in for your chosen date. We operate on weekdays and the booking is less than an hour long. You will be given relaxing pills to take before you come in and will need to have someone drive you in and pick you up afterwards.

Vasectomy is considered to be a permanent form of contraception. You need to be really sure that you will never want more children. Although surgery can be performed to reverse it, the outcome is not guaranteed and the reversal surgery must be performed by specialist microsurgeons.

You might want to consider storing sperm in a storage unit, with an annual ongoing fee to have it kept “on ice”

Although Vasectomy is highly effective, there is always a small chance that the procedure fails. It is essential to do the followup sperm tests to prove that the operation has been a success. Two samples, the first 8 weeks after the operation and a second a week or two later will prove that you are safe.

The operation is performed with a small numbing needle in the skin on the side of the scrotum. A small incision is made to expose the vas defferens. The vas (the tube) is clamped, a short section removed and the ends are tied off. You should have two testicles and two vas, each of which will be cut and tied individually.

After the operation is completed you recover at home. You will feel some discomfort but not a lot of pain. You should have at least two days at home to recover, maybe up to a week if you have a vigorous or heavy job or work remotely.